Asturforesta 2019 image presentation on Arbor Day

On June 1, the ARBOR DAY will be held in La Belga, Siero, organized by UCOFA. Among the planned activities, the image of the Asturforesta 2019 International Forestry Fair will be presented. Program of planned activities:

  • 10.00 h. Beginning of the children’s plantation and entertainment activities
  • 11.00 h. Arrival of authorities and tree planting
  • 11.35 h. Presentation Image of the International Forestry Fair “Asturforesta 2019”
  • 11.50 h. Delivery of the V CastaƱo de Oro Award to the Military Emergency Unit
  • 12.05 h . Prize giving of the Drawing Contest
  • 14.00 h. Arbor Day Lunch