The annual meeting of the Forestry Demo Fairs was held on 24 and 25 October. This time, the venue was Spain, hosted by ASTURFORESTA.

To belong to this prestigious network of fairs, fair organisers are required to comply with the defined quality and safety standards applicable to forestry fairs organised in a forest.

The representatives of the 5 most important forestry fairs in Europe were present at the invitation of President Klas Brant. Klas Brant and Johannes Hanson represented Elmia Wood from Sweden; Richard Lacheze represented the French fair Euroforest; the German fair, KWF Tagung, was represented by Helga Böhl; and Tapio Hirvikoski represented the Finnmetko fair from Finland

Throughout these two days, the meeting was attended by Javier Vigil, Director General of Forestry, Luis López, Councillor for Forestry, Montserrat Fernández, Mayoress of Tineo, Bruno López, Director General of Asturex, Javier Tamargo of Asturex, and the Asturforesta team, Alejo Miguélez and Ana Pérez.

This meeting was also an opportunity to choose the person who will head this prestigious network of fairs. Asturforesta was the chosen fair and the presidency of this Association in the coming years will be assumed by Ana Pérez, who had the support of all the representatives of the European Fairs.

The challenges facing European trade fairs in these times, solutions and the way forward were discussed.

Some of the FDF members stressed the importance of this meeting:

Helga, stressed “Over the years, the FDF network has created a platform of trust between the leading forest shows that allows us to talk openly and exchange experiences. The member fairs of the network come from very different backgrounds and structures, but we face many challenges equally.”

Johannes Hanson “Great hospitality from the Asturforesta team. Lots of good discussions on how to improve the forestry demonstration fairs in the future.”

Tapio Hirvikoski “The FDF meeting was again a great success. It is great to share views and experiences with FDF members. Together we can identify future challenges and trends. We can make our fairs even better. Thanks to AsturForesta for their excellent hosting of the meeting”.

Richard Lacheze, “It has been a great pleasure to spend 2 days in Tineo, I love Asturias, and your great hospitality. Our association helps each trade fair organisation to progress for the future. Our exchange of experiences is essential”.

Ana Pérez, “It is a luxury to assume the presidency of this team, and to continue sharing experiences: to see each other’s weaknesses and strengths and together move forward to be more competitive. I face the presidency of the Association with great enthusiasm and, above all, with a lot of desire”.